Student Startup Trip


Over the past years, AFT has taken a group of 35 high-potential students to startup hubs around the globe. These students are selected based on their entrepreneurial mindset, interest in technology, and ambitions. Previous editions included Berlin, London, Stockholm, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Belgium.
The goal of the trip is to inspire young and ambitious students to pursue their startup dreams, get to know a start-up ecosystem, and provide a unique experience of visiting all kinds of companies in a new and exciting environment. The trip motivates them to discover the entire start-up ecosystem: schools, incubators, investors, startups, entrepreneurs, and coworking spaces.
AFT wants to give these students the opportunity to learn from the successes and mistakes of other startup founders and spot trends across different industries and continents. Previous visits include: Amazon, BelCham, Cloudflare, Econopolis, GuardSquare, Spotify, UC Berkeley and many more.

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