About AFT

Who is AFT?



Academics for Technology is a Leuven-based student organisation founded in 2013. Our aim is to introduce students to disruptive technologies and spark a sense of entrepreneurship in them, a quintessential skill in today’s economy. We provide technical profiles the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and reach out to non– technical students with a high interest in technology.


Our Audience



We are a multi-faculty organization, recognized by the KU Leuven. Our audience consists mainly of engineering, science, and business students. However, we don’t discriminate. Every student is welcome. What all our guests have in common, is their interest in technology.

What makes us different? 


At Academics for Technology, we are dedicated to maintaining a startup vibe. We are a small team of students, where each individual member has a significant impact on what we deliver. Each event is organized by a small group of students, who are in charge of the entire event. This gives them a feeling of ownership, which greatly benefits the quality of our events.
Apart from delivering amazing content, we highly value the relationship between AFT and its partners. Our goal is to let companies stand out among students by creating memorable experiences. We aim to connect these progressive companies with ambitious, technolgy-minded students in an engaging setting.