This year, Academics for Technology organises the fifth edition of its hackathon. This event is best described as an invention marathon where students with interests in technology can participate to learn, build and share creations in an exciting and welcoming atmosphere. During this event, they will have the opportunity to program and build prototypes based on their ideas. Apart from this, teams also have to create a business plan based on their case. This will motivate participants to create multidisciplinary teams.

After 24 hours, the teams pitch their idea and business plan to a jury. The code of their prototype is also reviewed. The team that scores the best with all juries wins the competition.
Students often have great ideas and lots of enthusiasm, but don’t know how to start a practical software or hardware project, or create a valuable business plan. We encourage our participants to build something and grow their ideas beyond a vision. We offer a creative environment where our participants can fully focus on their idea in Media, FinTech, HealthTech, Student Life & Smart Cities, for 24 hours. To help them on their journey we offer workshops and mentorship throughout the hackathon.

For more info and prices you can contact our Business Relations team here